Restroom Supplies & Dispensers


Restroom Supplies

Full dispensers make the best impression. 

Our professionals deliver your bathroom supplies such as toilet paper, paper towel, hands soaps, air fresheners & hand sanitizer, on a set schedule ensuring your bathroom essentials are always in stock. We customize our system to meet  your specific businesses needs.

Our lineup of dispensers are easy to refill, and the quick view window allows staff to quickly see paper levels inside the unit. 


Our lineup of dispensers feature an efficient, seamless design and a new modern look. Selected with the client in mind to ensure high quality, ease of use, and cost savings.

Paper Dispensers

  • Modern Look

  • Seamless Design & Touchless Use

  • Jam-Free

  • User Friendly & Easy to Maintain

Soap Dispensers

  • Infrared Sensor for No-Touch Use

  • Can be used with Liquid or Foaming soap

  • LED Indicator for low battery

  • Available in Polish, Brush, Gold, Black & White

Hand Dryers


  • 78% Less Energy to run than Conventional Hand Dryers 

  • Dries Hands in just 12 seconds

  • 30% Quieter than previous models

  • Costs up to 99% less than paper towels


  • 80% Less Energy to run than Conventional Hand Dryers 

  • Dries Hands in just 8 seconds

  • Adjustable Speed & Sound Control

  • Costs up to 95% less than paper towels

Air Fresheners

  • Neutralizes Odours with Microtrans® technology

  • Cost-effective. Operates only during your business hours

  • Sleek, attractive design to fit any décor

  • Silent operation.

Dispenser for Toilets & Urinals

  • Programmable dispenser delivers solution automatically

  • Concentrated Foaming action cleans & reduces bacteria

  • Enzyme-based formula to help prevent scale build-up in drainpipes

  • Available in White & Chrome.

Hand Sanitizer

  • Kills 99.99% of Germs

  • Hands free, no touch delivery system

  • Moisturizes with four nourishing skin-conditioning to prevent dryness.

  • Available in Wall Mounted or Free Standing Units


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