New Inventory Process

Hi Team,

The new inventory system is ready to go.

1. We will have badges and keys to everyone in the next week.

2. Your "Inventory Day" is now in your calendar. It is scheduled every 4 weeks. You will be paid mileage and time to travel to the office and 30 min to complete inventory. A link to the inventory checkout form is in the calendar event.

3. You need to know what supplies you have before you leave home on this day.

4. Once you have packed up supplies in the supply cart, and before your leave the office complete the "Inventory Check Out" form.

5. The number beside each consumable (Box of Swiffers - 4) is the par level.

For example:

If you have 1 full box of swiffers at home, you would take 3 and enter 3 in the check out form.

If you have Half a bottle of Lysol at home, you would take 1 and enter 1 in the check out form.

6. Make sure the office door is closed when you leave to bring supplies to your vehicle and leave for the day.

7. Your feedback on this new process is important please let us know anything we can change.

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