Cleaning Chemicals & Dispensers


Save money, time, & eliminate chemical product loss with our chemical dispensing system. Fill bottles or buckets with the push of a button. Our systems are user-friendly, provide safety by eliminating chemical contact & secure chemicals from product loss. 

Dispensing System

Our chemical dispensing system is uniquely designed & user-friendly. The unit delivers the exact chemical dilution to eliminate product loss and reduce costs. The locking stainless steel, wall mounted unit keeps chemicals secure and saves valuable floor space.

  • Convenient and easy to use.

  • Fill bottles with one push of a button.

  • Durable & Secure 

  • No-drip fill spouts.

  • Clear labels to identify products.

Cleaning Chemicals

Using breakthroughs in green cleaning technology. Our chemicals are derived from natural, biodegradable & renewable resources.

  • Concentrated Formula to help reduce costs.

  • Non-Scented & Low Scented formulas. 

  • Contributes to your organization's LEED Certification.

  • Kill 98% of germs & bacteria.

  • Biodegradable & Non-toxic.

We have the products to meet your needs. 

  • Neutral Floor Cleaner

  • Multi-purpose Cleaner

  • Bathroom Cleaner

  • Glass Cleaner

  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  • Heavy-Duty Floor Cleaner & Degreaser


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